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This is an article about the treatment of low libido via Shiatsu. I will discuss a few of the main concepts behind this condition from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) view. Shiatsu is a deep body of work, a synthesis of deep energetic methods combined with the theory and practice of TCM.

Low Libido is one of the big stressors for both genders and it causes untold embarrassment and shame. Statistics is the US report 36 percent of 18 to 30 year old females and 65 percent of 46- to 54-year-old females reported low sexual desire. Between the ages 55 and 70, the number rose to 77 percent. It is not that different for the males but the studies split into erectile disfunction and ejaculation issues.

What causes it?

A big cause of the condition is the feedback loop our mind enters into when our self confidence and or health is significantly eroded. Under these circumstances, when opportunities to engage arise, worry and stress of recurrence play heavily on the mind, distracting the person from deep arousal into logical thinking, virtually guaranteeing loss of sexual desire/arousal. It can also be caused by other physiological issues such as high blood pressure and others.

Frequently, it also because of low resources (Kidney Qi) from anxiety and continuing stress which cause these resources to run down. When you feel tired and worn out you are much less likely to want to engage in romantic let alone in sexual activity. Your thoughts being focussed on the most pressing concerns.

Another way anxiety brings down our libido is that sexual arousal is an instinctual drive. It is one of our lowest basic drives. Stress, worry, anxiety, work, careers all stimulate us to be in our heads, thinking, planning, conceptualising and theorising. When this happens in excess it is difficult to be in touch with our bodies let alone with these largely animal desires.

Depression is a big factor in that it changes our thought patterns in a way that limits the expression of our personality. It is like throwing a thick blanket on an active person. They loose touch with their body, withdraw and mostly become reflective in an effort to address the elusive cause of the depression.

What do I do?

Shiatsu addresses these by firstly, deeply calming the nervous system allowing it much needed rest taking it out of the fight or flight mode. It allows your energy to be conserved. Second focus for your session would be on the energetic balance and any pathogenic activity in the body. Acupoints will be used to address these and any blockages. Usually several session are needed especially if your situation involves continuing stress.

Once the bulk of the condition is shifted, it is sufficient to return to maintenance which involves a monthly to bimonthly appointments to address any emerging issues before they start impacting you and your life.

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Updated 19/3/2014.

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