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Do you have relaxation on your mind?

You will just love the Relaxation Massage. It's long flowing strokes are calming to the nervous system and soothing to the skin. Read more


Maybe you like a deeper treatment?

In that case the Swedish massage is perfect. With it's range of pressures between relaxation and remedial. It is mostly soothing and when necessary it has depth. Read more


Perhaps you have particular areas of pain that need to be released...Deep Tissue remedial treatment

It gets in to deep layers of muscle to release trigger points and tight muscle fibres. It is great in preparation for and after sporting events to promote recovery or resolve issues such as painful knees, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, stiff neck or restricted shoulders. Read more


No matter the treatment style, massage is a fantastic way to boost your wellbeing.

By releasing tight muscle fibres and fascia massage increases yourPicWorkingScap flexibility and range of motion. This in particular helps recover from injuries, chronic conditions like tight or frozen neck, upper back and more importantly prevents future ones.

Massage slows down your heart hate, but at the same time improves your blood circulation. In the same manner it also increases immunity by draining lymph past the lymph nodes where white blood cells are made and viruses detected. And, increasing your sense of connectedness and happiness via the virtue of physical touch and nurturing.

Coming from a background of Chinese Medicine, Japanese Needle Therapies and shiatsu I am in a great place to integrate a plethora of techniques to solve difficult issues you may be facing.

All this whilst lying relaxed on a comfortable heated table.


A note about session lengths.
In my experience I have found that 60 minutes is slightly too short a time to fully address many conditions that often present. For this reason I leave extra time between appointments to ... do what needs to be done.

Just pop over to my Question and Answer page, just give me a call or text.


$50 for 40 mins,
$85 for 60 mins,
$110 for 90 mins.

Most sessions are 60 minutes and allow for some specific work but if you have many injuries or a number of deeper chronic issues this may not be enough time. Should you have strict time limits please mention this at the start as generally I prefer to complete what we set out to do even if that means going over a little longer. This happens in most sessions and I do not charge for that.

In my busy life, it's wonderful to have a once a month appointment where I do nothing but submit to Miro's 'Zen Hands', and come out feeling like a new person. I highly recommend him. Go on, treat yourself! Nicole


Are you ready to take your health to new heights?


Call me 0433 095 277 to discuss your needs. item1a item2a are accepted

You'll love it so much you will want to buy a gift card for Christmass, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday or just for no reason at all except that there is someone that you wish to treat. You can find them here.


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