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27/3/2020 Zen Hands moving to electronic consultations and temporarily discontinuing physical treatments.

Due to the virulent nature of the SARS-2 virus and it's lack of up front symptoms Zen Hands is ceasing physical consultations until the situation becomes safer and the health commissioner defines clear safe working practices and procedures.


Of course at the outset, this is exactly when we all need our immune system, our defences, at their peak. I mean what is the difference between those that have little to no symptoms and those that suffer greatly? I hazard to say the obvious, the state of their immune system and supporting systems. So, working on these systems is what we should all be doing going forward and it saddens me greatly that I won't be able to help you in an interactive hands-on way at this point in time.

Despite the current suspension of physical in-person treatments, there is however, much that can be achieved via electronic ie video consultation (Tele Health is the jargon if you will).

You will need to first establish a booking time and use your iPhone's inbuilt video calling (FaceTime) feature to communicate.

For this to be effective for you

1) Set your self up in a quiet naturally lit room that is private,

2) Prop up your phone in front of you at face level preferably pluggged into a charger,

3) Have a notepad and pen handy to take notes on recommendations to action.

4) Ensure you have space around you to move and stretch and still be in view of your phone camera for me to confirm your technique.

5) I will call you at the allotted time and we will go through your health itinerary and address actions to improve your symptoms and shore up your defences using Chinese Medicine principles.


If you suspect you are infected with SARS-2 contact the Health Direct helpline on 1800 022 222 remember you may not have any symptoms for up to 14 days and still carry the virus and still be highly infectious!


and read this information: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/coronavirus


More information: Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.


and other media reporting.


Lastly if I may. Since April 2019, Australian government has discontinued the claimability of Natural Therapies (your health insurance should have written to you about this by now).

This is hugely unfair as you pay for your private health insurance extras precisely to be able to claim your massage, shiatsu, naturopathy and other therapies.

You CAN do something about this as 150,000+ people have by adding your name to this petition and this petition. Please do.


Warmest wishes







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Updated 11/3/2020

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