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5/5/2019 There's something in the Air

I have many people come through Zen Hands and have noticed that many have tight upper what we call in Chinese medicine Jiao - chest a nd heart area. I have been pondering this for some time thinking sure, we have sadness and grief in our lives which bear heavily on our hearts and lungs but surely not all.

Then, a thought occurred to me, there's the air quality which is common to us all. In the city the air is not so great and getting worse with many trucks, busses and thousands of diesel cars in our streets. Luckily, we are not near an airport as planes exhaust lots and lots of minute particles into the atmosphere. What is shocking is that coal, when burnt by power stations also results in such particulates entering into the air but in this case there is so much being output it can affect people for up to 150 km away. Now, this is quite significant because we have Latrobe Valley not all that far away and Newport power station just over the bay (although that is gas based so not as bad).

These micro and nano particles are invisible-to-the-naked eye and enter deep into the lungs causing ongoing irritation and illness.*


In a strange twist of fate two days later I have come across this podcast which discusses the airborne particulate and other polluting chemicals issue really well.


Podcast is here


And another thing. Since April 2019, Australian government has discontinued the claim ability of Natural Therapies (your health insurance should have written to you about this by now).

This is hugely unfair as you pay for your private health insurance extras precisely to be able to claim your massage, shiatsu, naturopathy and other therapies.

You CAN do something about this as 150,000+ people have by adding your name to this petition and this petition. Please do.


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Sulphur Dioxide does cause asthma and sub development of child lung capacity.


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Updated 15/5/19

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