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18/3/2020 Sanitiser sourcing

In a natural health clinic, as the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. Amongst the fervour of sanitiser hoarding and so on I found it challenging to source sanitisers and cleaners. However today I came across a source that you may be able to access for a very reasonable price so I thought to share it with you.


The Source Bulkfoods logoLemon myrtle kitchen and bathroom cleaner is available from The Source stores as item 90107 in bulk and just 25ml of this concentrate makes up 1L (to be put into a spray bottle) which is certainly a big quantity. Did you know that COVID-19 can stay "alive" on surfaces for up to 3 days. Makers claim it kills 99% of viruses. Which is just as well as frequently touched items (hight-touch) such as door knobs & locks, light switches, tables and other surfaces will need frequent cleaning and sanitising going forward for months. It helps that it actually smells really really good.


Locate a store near you from their site or our Wholefoods Directory.


Other alternatives are methylated spirits or bleach which I would rotate through just to make sure.


Just remember, as we are going into not only cold and flu season not to forget the COVID-19 madness. They all are, but COVID 19 is especially, super easy to transmit person to person via direct contact (and sneezing/touching bodyfluids spray) thus each time we wipe/disinfect we are killing any virus present removing that transmission point.

Actually I would like to begin a public campaign by users of public transport to make up a small spray bottle of disinfectant and spray it on contact points such as door open buttons of trains or lift buttons. Each such point gets touched thousands of times a day and this virus can stay active on surfaces for up to 3 days so you would be doing everyone a huge huge beneficial service.


Other articles of interest: COVID-19 Preparedness


And another thing. Since April 2019, Australian government has discontinued the claimability of Natural Therapies (your health insurance should have written to you about this by now).

This is hugely unfair as you pay for your private health insurance extras precisely to be able to claim your massage, shiatsu, naturopathy and other therapies.

You CAN do something about this as 150,000+ people have by adding your name to this petition and this petition. Please do.


Warmest wishes






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Updated 15/5/19

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