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12/3/2020 COVID-19 Personal Preparedness

Whilst the announcements of breakouts, infections and lockdowns I would like to put emphasis on something we can all do.


The problem: someone sick contaminates a surface or air and we touch that surface (or breathe in the droplets) and bring it to your body.

We need to do everything to break that chain. The virus is easily transmitted by body fluids which can mean saliva, nasal sneeze spray or physical contact with a contaminated surface. The second phase of an infection is how it gets into our body. As discussed in my other posts, lungs are a very big entry point. We need to contain any sneeze preferably in a disposable tissue and, on the receiving end, remove our selves from vicinity anyone that is sneezing contained or not. Picture it like a squirt from a fly spray or window cleaner. You do not want to inhale that at all costs so you need not meters but a different room. Whether it is COVID-19, flu or the common cold this is a very big transmission route and a guaranteed infection for you.


The other important entry points are eyes, ears, nose and mouth. If we touch a contaminated surface - which may have been touched by someone who earlier sneezed on their hand, scratched their nose, wiped their eyes, say a door handle and you open the door and later touch your eyes, ears, nose or mouth, you are literally bringing the virus to your body's open door. And this is why washing your hands very very thoroughly and often, between the fingers, under finger nails back of hand and wrist (because we often touch our nose or eyes with the back of the hand in case of itching)...it should take way longer than the usual quick rinse. You should see lather on all parts of the hand. Then rinse. I would then say wipe on your own clothes and walk away letting the rest air dry. Watch out for touching surfaces like lift or train buttons that many people touch as it raises the chance that someone may have been sick and passed on their germs to you via it. Can you open it with your elbow? Can you close it with your knee or foot? Lift button - same, use your book or brief case. In either case you prevent any transmission of virus between you and that door which may have had a few hundred people handle it. Don't take a chance, get inventive.


In the absence of water use a hand sanitiser and equally cover all the hand surfaces but do not rinse nor wipe off. Keep wringing your hand and spreading the sanitiser. It uses alcohol to kill the germs and it takes a little time as in it is not instant.


I cannot stress this more, be super vigilant on not touching commonly used surfaces especially in a public setting AND not touching your eyes, ears, nose, mouth. Not even cheek or forehead.


Corona viruses could survive on certain hard surfaces for days. If you do touch something assume it is contaminated and take urgent steps to disinfect your hands by washing or sanitising via hand sanitiser lotion.


At home use a domestic cleaner with a few drops of 100% pure tea tree essential oil to sanitise door handles, drawer handles, light switches, locks, remote controls (check that the button labels do not rub off) and counter and bench tops. All touch areas. Also add a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil in with the detergent in your clothes washing.


At work or school do the same, wipe the telephone, door handles and keyboard/mouse especially if it is shared by others prior to using it. I would suggest using a little of the hand sanitiser on a tissue but a little of the home cleaner with tea tree oil in a spray bottle (kept at your desk) or a spray some computer shops have been selling just make sure it has at least 65% isopropyl alcohol in the ingredients) The other avenue is to use methylated spirits and putting some on a tissue wiping the surfaces well leaving them slightly damp. Be careful as this product is flammable so definitely no smoking, sparks, matches.... and open the window briefly is good too. And if you can work from home then do so at every opportunity.


At shops sanitise your hands and touch the least amount of surfaces or items. If you see someone ill move away politely but quickly. Pay by tapping of card and wash your hands and produce when you come home.


On public transport, sit away from people especially if they look unwell. Dont touch handrails or door buttons with your hand or if you have no other choice sanitise your hands on leaving the carriage and do not touch your face etc until you have done so but even so if you can resist it then that is even better but still sanitise you hands to prevent bringing the virus into your car or home. Better still ride your bike at least while the weather is warm.

Avoid all air travel or anywhere where the air is recycled over a prolonged time and you cannot be assured of the cleanliness of the surfaces.


This should be kept up often and until the pandemic is over but is a good habit through all our flu seasons.


You cannot just do parts of this, all of it needs to be implemented throughly and completely no matter if you or your friends look well. Remember COVID-19 and some flu's do not show symptoms for up to two weeks.


If we do this well, people already sick in time will get better and the rest are spared the stress and possible death of an illness and the country is able to continue with much less downsides for us all.


If you suspect you are infected contact the health direct helpline on 1800 022 222

and read this information: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/coronavirus


More information: Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.


and other media reporting.


Hand washing technique: Audio on thorough handwashing


And of course at Zen Hands I am doing all the sanitation steps of equipment and hands for your and my safety.

If you suspect or do have the COVID-19 virus or you have been overseas since January 2020, at the Grand Prix or any other high risk event I am unable to take your booking until your have recovered or at least two symptom free weeks have passed since your flight or event.


Lastly if I may. Since April 2019, Australian government has discontinued the claimability of Natural Therapies (your health insurance should have written to you about this by now).

This is hugely unfair as you pay for your private health insurance extras precisely to be able to claim your massage, shiatsu, naturopathy and other therapies.

You CAN do something about this as 150,000+ people have by adding your name to this petition and this petition. Please do.


Warmest wishes





1) Tea Tree Essential Oil germ fighting study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1360273/


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Updated 11/3/2020

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